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Based in Germany at home in the world

A family owned company founded in 1990, with now more than 100 years of consulting experiences in our team. The Lipke Group creates effective and research based pre-tested solutions for fast and lasting success.

Trend research with your customers!

Always be one step ahead of
your competition!

Effective market and customer research for your company

This gives you important
insights into your markets,
products and customers

Motivation research customer

Would you like to know why your customer
buys from you or from the competition?

Media research

Check the effective use of your advertising budget!
Save money and use your budget most effectively!

Product research

Do you want to know exactly? Which products does your
customer want to buy from you now and in the future?

Go2Africa I

Secure your market share in the most
important continent of the future

Go2Africa II

Secure the largest market of the
future now!

Go2Africa III

Good partners ensure success!

Digitalization CRM systems on demand

Individualized advertising
messages for your customers

Employee profiles

Use the potential of your
employees in sales and
customer service.

Virtual reality animations

Whoever wants to show the
future has a real head start with

Internet Business Solutions

START&GO: the solution
for everyone who wants to
make money online.

Public Relations

Your first step to
increasing awareness.

Virtual open house

One of the best customer loyalty
strategies there is.


Make your next TV spot better
with us.


The mixture of TV spot and
news program convinces
your target group

Imagevideo as a Multichannel Marketingstrategy

Present your company to many thousands
of customers at the same time.

Seminars and workshops

The LIPKE GROUP offers you a networked, modular training concept to motivate
your employees and to ensure your company’s success.

Specific customized offers

We make highly specific, individual and tailored
offers possible for your company!

Special lectures

You want Dr. Lipke himself as
a speaker or for a workshop?