Digitalization CRM Systems on Demand

Individualized advertising
messages for your customers

The modern CRM service provides every interested party with exactly the offers they are interested in. Your customer database securely stores all essential information about your customer and interactions with your customer. In this way you increase the attention and willingness to buy of your customers and bind your regular customers more closely. At the same time, you can see the impact of individual advertising activities on the requirement logs.

Description /Scope of services

■ 24/7 access to your CRM system in your database
■ one-time setup of the overall system
■ Maintainance of the system


■ Accompanying the implementation of the strategy paper in the company
■ Advice to top management
■ Top management coaching
■ Development of a communication strategy for all levels of the company
■ Communication strategy training
■ Workshops with sales and marketing

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