Effective Market and Customer Research for your Company

This gives you important
insights into your markets,
products and customers

With our unique combined research methods of quantitative and qualitative research we can show you the needs and the behavioral structure of your target group in your markets after only a few days.
The strategy paper developed at the same time enables you to easily implement it for the present and future of your company. Approach your defined target groups and markets with proven marketing and sales methods and be sure that your strategy will lead to success, because you have clarified this in advance with precise field research. This means that dangerous “gut decisions” are no longer necessary.

The unique LIPKE GROUP method of market research gives you the necessary answers to the 3 essential questions:
1. How do I secure existing markets and expand them further?
2. How do I successfully win new markets and customers?
3. How do I prepare for future markets, products and customers?

Description / Scope of services

■ Online briefing and de-briefing
■ Development of an initial concept
■ Execution and analysis of the studies
■ Development of the strategy paper based on the best practice results of the studies
■ Proposals for the implementation of the strategy paper in the company


■ Accompanying the implementation of the strategy paper in the company
■ Advice to top management
■ Top management coaching
■ Development of a communication strategy for all levels of the company
■ Communication strategy training
■ Workshops with sales and marketing

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