Employee Profiles

Use the potential of your employees in sales and customer service.

The LIPKE GROUP offers you a qualified potential analysis with which you can determine the customer orientation of your employees and sales partners. Learn about the hidden strengths of your employees and use them for your company. Find out whether your sales people like top sellers and your service employees are customeroriented. Help them get better.

Since the potential analysis based on the type theory of the Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung and the work of Freud, there has been no significant breakthrough in psychology. Now there is PSY-ray technology. It is the revolution in psychology that we have been waiting for. PSY-ray technology is now increasingly used in companies of all kinds. The basis of the potential analysis is a digital analysis that can be created in about 15 minutes and evaluated by a computer program. After a few days, you will receive a detailed written analysis with targeted information and recommendations for initiating change processes.


Potential analysis Seller

… analyzes the behavioral style of the seller / customer advisor in sales situations and his work system. It determines to what extent this employee builds a trusting relationship with his customers. Behavioral strengths and weaknesses are made visible so that targeted support can be initiated.

20% more sales in the short term through
targeted promotion of your sales staff.

Potential analysis CUSTOMER SERVICE

… offers an exact inventory of the communication behavior at the workplace and the attitude towards the customer for each individual employee. With this extensive analysis, the employee receives detailed feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses in his service behavior. Targeted support measures can be derived from this.

88% of all customers change out of dissatisfaction with their care

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