Go2Africa I

Secure your market share in the most important continent of the future

Africa includes 54 markets, 54 government systems, many languages, customs and cultures. A continent larger than China, India, USA and Europe combined. Africa already has 1.2 billion inhabitants by 2050, more than 3.8 billion are forecast. This is where the digital and analog sales markets of the future lie. Secure your shares now. All you need is: an Africa-compatible market and sales concept and the right local partners in the sales network. Use the latest sales opportunities and digital market instruments in marketing, sales and trade. With our 10 years of experience in the African market in the areas of medicine and health, trade and sales, education and training market, we are your partner from the first planning to the crowning success. We offer you the all-round carefree package for your sure success.

Description / Scope of services

■ Analysis and market research with 5000 participants
■ Sales concept and strategy for your product or service (online and offline)
■ Development of communication and media mix suitable for the target country
■ Online presentation of all results for your company


■ Study with 10,000 participants
■ Study with 20,000 participants
■ 1 day presentation of results and strategy workshop in your company with max. 12 participants (Including all documents, files, video clips etc.)

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