Go2Africa II

Secure the largest market of the future now!

The African continent, feudal and mysterious, yet highly lucrative and forward looking, with more than 50 countries for your future sales. Do not let this gigantic market with its great opportunities of this century be left behind. We ensure you a lucrative share in this sales and consumer market. Millions of quality products and services are still urgently needed here. We help you bring sustainable and highly effective offers from your company to this market. You won’t get that anywhere else! Additional strategic online advice for 1 year from our Africa specialists, 1 hour per month.

Description / Scope of services

■ Analysis of the target market (s)
■ Advice and strategic recommendations for the best selection of the target market and your target groups, according to the product / service offer
■ Market research and development of the overall strategy with 10,000 participants
■ 3 year master plan especially for your company
■ Phase plan with intermediate goals
■ Development of a business model and business plan especially for your company
■ Evaluation of market research results (qualitative and quantitative) Development of result-oriented strategies for 1 African country
■ Online presentation of the results


■ In-house presentation of all results in your company with up to 12 participants
■ 1 day in-house workshop with results of the study and development of strategies and master plans with timeline and all measures for implementation including cost structure for up to 12 participants
■ Same offer – market research and strategy development as before, but now for a region of Africa with 5 countries each, i.e. North, South, East, West or Central Africa

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