The mixture of TV spot and news program convinces your target group

Fewer and fewer TV viewers are really watching advertising blocks. However, the need for information is growing due to consumer news programs.
That is why we have now developed our infomercials. These are commercials of several minutes in length that appeal to your target groups in the style of an interesting news magazine. Instead of boredom, there is real consumer benefit.

The LIPKE GROUP develops and produces your own “consumer show” for use at the POS or for your own advertising window on various television and social media channels.

Description / Scope of services

■ Concept and production of an information coil of approximately 4 minutes in length
■ Text creation and script
■ 1 moderator and 1 model
■ Studio exposure
■ Logos and products / material for presentation are provided by the customer


■ Outdoor shoot
■ Additional moderators
■ Music

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