Internet Business Solutions

START&GO: the solution for everyone who wants to make money online.

A holistic sales marketing and communication strategy that is violated both digitally and analog. This enables large profit margins for your company in the shortest possible time. Start the future with START & GO. Thanks to the coordinated communication concept in conjunction with a target group-specific multi-channel strategy, this new holistic strategy enables large, timely successes in sales and profit for your company for all your customers and markets.

The methodology was developed in collaboration with all partner companies and is a hybrid methodology that at the same time makes your company fit for the new times digitally and analogously.

  1. Your website will be optimized.
  2. A multichannel strategy that fits your company is implemented.
  3. A CRM system optimally manages your customer data and enables personalized customer contacts.
  4. Digitization, strategy and payment systems are optimally linked.

This is unique:
Your target group will experience the advantages of virtually networked shopping up close. This makes every visit a unique experience. And for you there are all services from a single source

A clear tutorial and clear presentations and documents inform you about the opportunities and all the important details. The price for the digital box will be credited to you again when the project is implemented.

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