Media Research

Check the effective use of your advertising budget! Save money and use your budget most effectively!

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? Do your advertising measures reach your target group at all? And if so, how are your advertising measures received by your customers so effectively that your customer is convinced and then buys your product and service? What should your advertising look like that your customer buys your product again and again? What are the real key selling points that differentiate you from your competition? Which exact media mix is right for you? What is your savings potential? Where should you invest more to increase sales success exponentially? If you’ve always wanted to know the answers to these questions, this study and strategy package is for you. Because it provides you with reliable answers to exactly all of these questions and also the verified best practice examples WHAT really makes success and which media mix reaches your target groups effectively and precisely.

Description / Scope of services

■ Check your advertising budget within 1 defined measure, e.g. TV advertising, social media advertising, Internet ADDs at google for 150 selected customers of your target group
■ Development of all results and evaluations digitally and analogously, development of a results paper with precise strategic recommendations for effective improvements.
■ Online presentation of all results and conclusions and strategic results.


■ Review of other media measures per channel
■ Strategy workshop with presentation of all results and development of new strategies in the management team including all elaboration documents and files for up to 12 participants

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