Motivation Research Customer

Would you like to know why your customer buys from you or from the competition?

Learn the background to decision making and methods of influencing. Why is it that your customer decides this way and not otherwise? How exactly can you influence your customers’ decision in your favor? Motivational research is important, but who tells you step by step what you need to do strategically in order to use your competitive advantages in a targeted manner and to win the fight for the customer? Our MOTIVATIONAL RESEARCH package shows you all the background and our strategy teams develop the success strategy at the same time.

Description / Scope of services

■ Individual quantitative and qualitative study of your product or special service
■ Survey of 500 selected customers from your target group
■ Digital and analog evaluation of the results in words and pictures and as a file
■ Derivation and testing of strategic measures individually for your product and your service
■ Testing and development a multichannel strategy, online presentation of all results


■ Study with 1000 customers
■ Study with 10,000 customers
■ Study with 50,000 customers
■ 1 day strategy workshop and presentation of the results in your company for up to 12 participants. Including all documents.

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