Product Research

Do you want to know exactly? Which products does your customer want to buy from you now and in the future?

If you ask customers specifically and research markets thoroughly, you get highly interesting ideas and learn about needs and trends that make it possible to offer precisely specific products that your customer has long wanted. In our trend research, we address precisely these needs and you will find out the exact buying motives and needs of your customers. From this, exactly the right products and market and sales strategies are developed, which will ensure your success in the future.

Description / Scope of services

■ Development of the questionnaire and the study, implementation of the online study with 5000 participants in a target market
■ Complete evaluation of the study and the resulting strategies for your company
■ Online presentation of all results


■ Advice and support in the implementation of the strategies
■ Workshop in-house in the company with up to 12 participants from your company
■ Study with 10,000 participants in 2 target markets
■ Study with 20,000 participants in 3 target markets

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