Public Relations Package I

Your first step to increasing awareness.

Is there an extraordinary product in your company or another special novelty? Then public relations is the right solution for you. Great successes can be achieved with only minimal financial resources. The important thing here is to pack an interesting message in a media-friendly manner and make it accessible to the right media.

The LIPKE GROUP develops a suitable media distributor for you, creates several correctly structured key messages and selects the right media mix and media effective appearances for you. This gives you the basis for a continuous public appearance.

Description / Scope of services

■ Development of a PR concept sketch with up to 6 press releases, max. 2 A4 pages
■ Text creation according to given content
■ Selection of up to 6 press photos from the customer’s existing photos
■ Provision of a digital media distributor with up to 5 channels, up to 6 personal contacts to bloggers, influencers, micro-influencers and press representatives

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