Seminars and Workshops

The LIPKE GROUP offers you a networked, modular training concept to motivate your employees and to ensure your company’s success.

With customized seminars and workshops, we measurably increase the performance of the individual participants. We guarantee this through:

■ Intensive preparation: interviews with clients and participants
■ In-house training with company-related objectives
■ Small study groups with a high proportion of exercises
■ High relation to practice
■ Mail coach – written follow-up for the participants for 1 year

From price selling to value selling (seminar)

■ Target group: Sales staff in the office and in the field, customer advisors
■ Duration: 3 days
■ Number of participants: up to 12 people
■ Location: at the customer’s choice – seminar hotel or in-house
■ Focus:
■ Present company services and products professionally
■ analyze customer needs
■ Value Selling – convincing arguments for customer benefit
■ Recognize objections as an opportunity and answer them safely
■ Conflict resolution in difficult sales situations
■ Call control – active listening and professional questioning techniques
■ Body language – perceiving signals from the partner and interpreting them correctly
■ Recognize buying signals and convert them into a contract

Description / Scope of services (seminars)

■ Seminar preparation:
– Strategy discussion by telephone with the client
– Questionnaire interviews with the participants
– Development of a tailor-made program
■ Seminar documents
■ Cost of the seminar room in a conference hotel
■ Conference technology
■ Certificates of attendance
■ Final report for the client
■ Mail coach – written follow-up for seminar participants for 1 year

■ Personal preparation talk in your company with the client and the participants
Duration: 1 day

In-house individual training solutions for more efficiency

SEMINARS: Sample examples from our range, others on request

S1 Management seminars:

S1.1 Achieve goals with employees. Results-based and people-oriented lead basic seminar for young executives
S1.2 Achieve goals with employees. Results and people-oriented lead advanced seminar for young executives
S1.3 My personal leadership style. Strengths and development potential Intensive seminar for managers
S1.4 Conflict management. Recognize and use the risks and opportunities of conflicts in the workplace
S1.5 Making difficult employee appraisals successful Management-Seminar
S1.6 Self-management. Lead and organize yourself Seminar on the efficient use of time and priorities
S1.7 Teamwork – The way to more productivity An overview of the opportunities and limits of teamwork for company owners and managers
S1.8 Achieve excellence with teams Seminar on the design and management of teams and work groups
S1.9 Manage your own stress Manager seminar for coping with stress

Seminar S6.6

For specialists and managers who want to expand their transcultural sensitivity in order to better deal with international business partners from other cultures

Transcultural communication
Confidence in dealing with business partners from other cultures in presentations, negotiations, meetings

Seminar goals

Many specialists and managers who communicate convincingly in German-speaking countries feel insecure with international partners. Often they do not know how to classify and evaluate the verbal and especially the nonverbal ‘hidden’ signals of their interlocutor. In this seminar, the participants learn the laws of communication with transcultural components. They train in role-playing games with video feedback as they can convincingly and safely occur when dealing with partners from other cultural backgrounds.

Seminar content

■ Laws of communication with transcultural components
■ 4D / 5D models from Hofstede and their application in the classification of different cultures Trompenaars
■ ‘Transcultural snowflake’ and their application in a transcultural comparison
■ Interplay of other personal and functional / task-related factors that are wrongly assigned to the cultural factors
■ Practicing transcultural situations: Welcome, farewell, business lunch, invitations, ‘small talk’
■ Practicing meetings, negotiating difficult transcultural aspects with video feedback and coaching

Seminar duration

2-3 days

Number of participants

min. 6 people, max. 10 people

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