Special Lectures from more than 25 Years of Consulting Experience

You want Dr. Lipke himself as a speaker or for a workshop?

Dr. Lipke and his team published publications including the following topics:

1. New Ways of Focused Information (2016)
2. Medical Healthcare in East Africa (2017)
3. The Rise of AI and Digitalisation (2017)
4. The Importance of Cybersecurity in E-Health (2017)
5. Inside Digital Africa (2018)
6. Africa goes E-Commerce (2019)
7. Medical Tourism Worldwide (2019)
8. Status Quo on Online Study in Africa (2020)
9. The Rise of Digital Therapeutics Worldwide (ongoing)
10. Africa – a Continent on the Rise (ongoing)
11. Singularity and Ethics in AI of the Future (ongoing)
12. Individualized Medicine & Health (ongoing)

Description / Scope of services

■ Dr. Lipke is available for a lecture of 2.5 hours.
■ The lecture includes: presentation and multimedia design.
■ The lecture can be customized specifically for those present.
■ Questions can be asked at the end of the lecture.


■ Lecture plus a subsequent workshop with the elaboration of concrete results, individualized for the client.
■ Lectures on other topics as desired e.g. Implement ethics in AI or virtuality in business operations
■ Depending on the group size, graduated prices are agreed.

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