Specific Customized Offers

We make highly specific, individual and tailored offers possible for your company!

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in our LIPKE GROUP Consulting offer? Would you like a very individual offer for your company? No problem, just contact us directly at www.lipkegroup.com and arrange a non-binding online appointment specifically for you and your company. We are pleased to meet you. In a first online meeting, we would be happy to talk through all possible needs and tasks on your part and already advise you on solutions and goals.

Description /Scope of services

■ Online meeting of the LIPKE GROUP with top representatives of your company for a maximum of 1 1/2 hours
■ Collection of urgent problems and solutions for your company
■ Discussion of objectives
■ Discussion of the schedule
■ Creation of a specific offer tailored to your company


■ We are happy to come personally to your home.
■ Costs: 2 experienced consultants 1 inhouse consultant day
■ 1 day in-house workshop with you on the subjects of goal setting, needs analysis, problem recording, defining solution approaches, pointing out possible solutions, calculating budget and agreeing goals and time planning.

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