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Trend Research with your Customers

Always be one step ahead of
your competition!

Do you want to know exactly why your customers show which behavioural change and which new trends are currently emerging with your customers? Stay on the ball and always be one step ahead of your competition. With our specific trend and motif research you will be able to identify new trends as they arise, strategically align them and use the new trend in a targeted manner.

Description / Scope of services:

■ Design and development of qualitative and quantitative studies
■ Conduction of the study with 5000 participants
■ Complete evaluation of the study with strategic recommendations and instructions for optimizing sales and the product range
■ Online presentation of the results

In total EURO 32,500,-


■ Study with 10,000 participants in total 42,000 €
■ Study with 20,000 participants in total 52,000 €
■ 1 day workshop in-house in your company with up to 12 participants with presentation of all results and development of the best strategies for maximum success including all documents 25,750 €

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