TV Spots

Make your next TV spot better with us.

If you want to reach a broad consumer market quickly and comprehensively, you need TV advertising in your media mix. The high number of contacts with a large target group justifies the rather high costs of this measure. There are many examples of how you can produce effective TV advertising even with smaller budgets. Original ideas, strict target group and efficiency orientation in combination with a multichannel strategy bring the best results. It is of course not easy to calculate the fixed price for such a service, which is made up of countless individual items and many unpredictabilities. But thanks to our previous filming experience at home and abroad and the long-term know-how of our partners, we can offer you top performance at a corner price that also convinces experienced screen professionals. So talk to us before planning your next TV campaign.

Description / Scope of services

■ Production of a TV spot with up to 3 script suggestions
■ Storyboard, screenplay
■ Incl. Direction, technology, lighting and material
■ Post-processing in the studio
■ (Mixing, editing, title animation, music, noises and playback of computer simulations up to 3 seconds)
■ Production on sendable material, provision of corresponding files

Option 1:

20 seconds
2 days of shooting in the
2 professional performers and
1 speaker

Option 2:

30 seconds
2 days in the studio and
1 day outside shooting in
one place with up to
3 locations in Germany


■ Longer spots
■ Prominent actors
■ More actors
■ Superstructures
■ Music subject to license
■ Cartoon and animation
■ More complex productions
■ Target group analysis

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