Virtual Open House

One of the best customer loyalty strategies there is.

Make your company and your products an experience for your target groups. Whoever was allowed to look behind the scenes of a company usually wins a stronger bond to the products. Nowhere else can performance quality, sympathy and competence be conveyed more impressively than with a deep look behind the scenes in your company. We pack your information in an attractive image film that your target group can watch directly online. So your open day takes place 365 days a year. By the way: A transparent company is less susceptible to prejudices, misunderstandings and rumors.

Description / Scope of services

■ Conception and creation of an image film with a length of up to 10 minutes
■ Creation of film sequences on site in your company
■ Online delivery of your image film
■ With a professional speaker


■ Translation of the film into foreign languages
■ Longer film duration
■ Elaborate animations
■ Music deposit (license free)

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